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Guidelines for the Provision of JGHF Funding

When considering requests to provide funding, the Foundation will be guided by these principles:

  • Value of the funding to research, education and/or training in gastroenterology and/or hepatology in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Grants that are likely to have a wide benefit in the region will usually be preferred over those that have a more limited geographical benefit.
  • Wherever there appears likely to be a leverage effect, so that awarding a priming grant will enable a group to obtain industry or other funding to carry out the research, education or training aim, there should be an understanding that the group will return all or part of the priming grant to the Foundation when the external source of funding eventuates (it is recognised that it is difficult to structure this expectation in a legally enforceable way).
  • Grants for research activities (including guidelines development) will be linked to a request that a resulting paper be offered first to the Journal. (In the case of the named lectures at APDW, the honorarium to the lecturer carries this as a specified condition of payment).
  • Grants will usually be for a period of one year, less commonly for two years, and only considered for longer periods in exceptional circumstances.  Applications for renewals for a particular project or activity (except those associated with support of the major meetings) will rarely be granted.


Time Table for Awards

JGHF Okuda & Marshall-Warren Lectures

To enable the Board of JGHF to assess applications at their Annual Meeting, (September/October) nominations must be received by the foundation no later than 31 August of the year preceding the meeting.

JGHF Emerging Leader Lectures

Nominations should be submitted to the APDW Organising Committee by 30 June each year. Recommendations should be forwarded to the JGHF no later than 31 July.

APDW/JGHF Travel Grants

Applications for Grants close on 30 June each year. The APDW Organisers administer the Grants and should apply to the JGHF for the funding.

APAGE/JGHF Clinician-Scientist Training Fellowship

This Fellowship is an annual award administered by the Asia Pacific Association of Gastroenterology (APAGE).  Information is available on their website

JGHF Short Term Training Fellowships

These fellowships are administered by the JGHF secretariat.  The application form may be downloaded from the award page.  Applications close on the 31 December and 30 June each year

JGHF Project Grants

Grants are administered by the JGHF secretariat. Please send us an e-mail to obtain an application form. Applications close on the 30 June each year.