JGH Foundation Special Grant

A grant of up to USD10,000 for a research program in gastroenterology or hepatology.

Decisions about requests to provide funding will usually be tested against the following parameters (based on stated objectives, plus some additional considerations):

  • Value of the funding to research, education and/or training in gastroenterology and/or hepatology in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Provide a stimulus for promoting practice standards and training in areas of need.
  • Grants that are likely to have a wide benefit in the region will usually be preferred over those that have a more limited geographical benefit.
  • Wherever there appears likely to be a leverage effect, so that awarding a priming grant or seeding fund will enable a group to obtain industry or other funding to carry out the research, education or training aim, there should be an understanding that they group will return all or a part of the priming grant to the Foundation when the external source of funding eventuates (it is recognised that it is difficult to structure this expectation in a legally enforceable way).
  • Grants for research activities (including guideline development) will be linked to a request that a resulting papers be offered to the Journal. In the case of the named lectures at APDW, the honorarium to the lecturer carries this is a specified condition of payment).
  • Grants will usually be for a period of one year, less commonly for two years, and only considered for a longer period in exceptional circumstances. Applications for renewals for a particular project or activity (except those associated with support of a major meeting) will rarely be granted.