Marshall & Warren Luminal Gastroenterology Lectureship


The Scientific Program Committee for APDW nominates three (3) potential lecturers and appropriate topics.

  • Potential nominees should come from more than one country within the region
  • The list of nominees should be forwarded to the JGH Foundation by 31 August in the year preceding the meeting.
  • The list should be in order of preference
  • The Trustees of the JGH Foundation will make the final decision on the selection of the Lecturer
  • The decision on the selected nominee will be conveyed to the APDW organisers.
  • The organisers will be responsible for notifying the selected nominee and making all travel and accommodation arrangements.


The funding package is to assist in covering the following expenses:

  • Return airfares economy for national sector business class for international sector (or two economy class airfares for full trip to equivalent cost) between home city and venue for regional meeting (APDW)
  • Accommodation for the duration of APDW
  • Honorarium of US$2,000 for submission of manuscript at the time of the meeting for publication in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (JGH).

APDW organisers must ensure that receipts and the manuscript are received prior to reimbursement of funds. The JGH Foundation will reimburse the APDW organisers on presentation of an invoice with the relevant receipts attached.


The Lecturer is required to submit a manuscript at the time of the meeting that will cover the content of his/her lectureship. The manuscript should be structured as a review article between 3,000-5,000 words and between 3-8 tables and figures. It is expected that this will be a detailed and learned exposé of the topic concerned, and will also emphasise practical points for clinicians and investigators. For information on JGH style guidelines please see the Wiley-Blackwell House Style Guide

Past Award Recipients

Year Recipient City Topic
2017 Khean Lee Goh Kuala Lumpur Lessons learnt from the Epidemiology of Helicobacter Pylori Infection in a multi-racial Asian Population in Malaysia
2016 Tsutomu Chiba Kyoto Mechanism for H.pylori-induced genetic instability in gastric cancer development
2015 Jaw-Town Lin Taipei Chemoprevention of gastric cancer by H. pylori eradication and long term use of NSAIDs and aspirin.
2014 Nageshwar Reddy Hyderabad Chronic pancreatitis - endoscopic therapy
2013 Mamoru Watanabe Tokyo Adult tissue stem cell therapy for gastrointestinal diseases
2012 Kentaro Sugano Tochigi Premalignant conditions of gastric cancer
2011 F K L Chan Hong Kong Managing Ulcer Risk in patients receiving Antiplatelet Therapy
2010 Neville Yeomans Melbourne Aspirin: Old drug, new uses and challenges?
2009 Joseph JY Sung Hong Kong Peptic Ulcer Bleeding: an Expedition of Two Decades in Asia
2008 Barry Marshall Perth